Marketing Plan Template

A Snazzy Template for Your Marketing Launch Plan

A challenge for any Marketing VP is creating a road map for an organization’s overall or product-level marketing. Where you’re headed, why, and how you’ll get there. Below is a great template I’ve used to communicate the various parts of a cohesive plan.

Splash Page

A great introduction is essential. Help the reader imagine customers interacting with or realizing the benefits of your product or service.

Market Stats

First, show the stats you’re chasing. Good stats equal a good base for your plan and answer the “why.”

Customer Needs

List your customers by identified needs (personas) and speak their language. What problems do they have?

Solution / Positioning Statement

Articulate your market positioning and flesh out the offering. A great tool for thinking like your customer is a positioning statement. Here’s a good formula via To urban-dwelling, educated, techno-savvy consumers who worry about the environment that future generations will inherit [target and insight], when you use Zipcar car-sharing service you make a responsible choice [brand essence] and demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment [target’s goal].

A simpler positioning statement model: We do “A” for “B” so they can do “C” – and we do it better than “D.”

Product Visuals

It’s always helpful to show off your product a bit!

Success Metrics

Highlight your successes in the market so far.

Action Plan

It’s critical to keep everyone (especially the executive team and Sales VP) engaged, updated, and on board with your strategy. Otherwise, your marketing will look like a bunch of random activities without a clear purpose. RACE is a great model for building a flexible marketing funnel and tracking your actions in each stage.

These steps will help you create your best, most actionable marketing plan yet!