My Work

When I arrived at PAN, we had great people and great technology. What we didn’t have was a pipeline of leads supported by a modern brand story. Within three short years, we became the platform to securely assess new hires and leadership potential, and we grew leads by 400%. We were acquired by a large testing and certification company.

At PAN, I led a team in building a web application called “Am I Job Ready?”. Built for college students and job seekers, it’s changing how individuals are matched to compatible careers and learn workplace skills. Over 30 campuses signed up in the first year.

(This was our marketing site to generate leads.)

At PAN, we acquired a world-renowned personality assessment and designed a strong product microsite around it.

Who doesn’t need better nutrition? I helped Gannett Healthcare grow its B2C e-commerce business leading a team of product managers responsible for signing up learners in 19 healthcare professions, including nursing, physical therapy, and nutrition.

When I joined Harcourt Assessment as a product marketing manager, we had the best clinical and educational assessments on the market. I was hired to help build a pre-employment and leadership development assessment business. It took a year and two great sales hires, but we convinced senior management to let us launch a sub-brand. We rebranded as “TalentLens” and Pearson acquired us a few months later. I was lucky to launch our global TalentLens go-to-market plan which asked businesses “How do you become a Critical Thinking organization from top to bottom?” Thousands of companies wanted the answer!

(This was the Netherlands’ site.)

In the early 2000’s, I joined forces with an entrepreneur in San Diego who was building course packs for UCSD professors. It was an incredible opportunity for me to develop my marketing chops and help build a national brand for custom publishing services. After a few years, we had 200+ professors and 50,000+ students ordering with us and we expanded into the MBA market. We also launched a new academic imprint for authors.

(This was a piece I created for MBA programs.)

After getting an MBA, I was eager to join an internet startup and see what I could build with a team of talented folks. The company was English, baby! and it was a fun 18 months selling a new way to learn English and recruit international students. USC and UC Riverside saw the vision and we were off and running. 60+ colleges eventually bought the subscription service.