I’m a VP of Marketing in the Midwest. Two things I wouldn’t have thought 18 years ago selling web servers in San Diego.

(The picture above is of Chicago, although it’s rarely this sunny.)

I work for PSI. We’re creators of a powerful testing platform for hiring & developing great people that match your business and culture. I also run our AmIJobReady.com business helping students find compatible careers and develop workplace skills. Previously, I worked in healthcare and education at Nurse.com, Pearson.com, UniversityReaders.com, and Versation.com. I’d like to invent a marketing methodology and share it with the world, but this may take a while.


Degrees: BYU.edu and Willamette.edu
Interests: Streamlining, marketing strategy, design, startups, architecture, golf, football, family
Married to: A gorgeous U.S. history buff
Bucket List Goal: Design my own house using a lot of polished concrete
My Old Design Portfolio (2000-2010)

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